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AIA + Sovereign + You:

Championing a healthier, better protected NZ.

As we all know, New Zealanders are underinsured, particularly in terms of personal risk insurance. In early September the Commission for Financial Capability reported that New Zealanders only spend 2.5 per cent of GDP on insurance, compared to the OECD average of 8.4 per cent - and only 15 per cent of New Zealanders have income insurance.1

AIA and Sovereign combined is the largest life insurer in New Zealand, and we are uniquely positioned, as a provider, to work with advisers to finally address the long-running national issue of underinsurance. One of the key goals of the acquisition of Sovereign Insurance was to help New Zealand become one of the healthiest and best-protected nations in the world. Reflecting that commitment, AIA and Sovereign have already begun rolling out initiatives to support the health and wellbeing of New Zealanders, in line with the companies’ common health philosophies.

Helping Kiwis live healthier, longer, better lives is why we will be introducing AIA Vitality in New Zealand in the near future. AIA Vitality is a world-leading, science-backed wellness programme that encourages people to look after their health and wellbeing, while benefiting from lower premiums and other rewards. AIA Vitality is already in 10 markets (including Australia), has over 900,000 members around the world, and will be launched in New Zealand next year. AIA Vitality seeks to change the conversation around life insurance and New Zealanders' lifestyle choices, in general, from ‘what if something happens?’ to 'how can I improve my health, wellness and wellbeing?’'

We are confident that AIA Vitality will be the game-changer that is needed to help put personal risk insurance, and health and wellness, at the forefront of Kiwis' minds. But to help close that insurance gap, we’re also introducing the chance to earn a holiday, or some shopping time, into the mix. AIA and Sovereign have partnered with Air New Zealand to become the exclusive ‘personal risk’ insurance partner for Airpoints™. AIA and Sovereign customers with qualifying products can earn Airpoints Dollars™ to get away, book flights, and hire cars; spend their Airpoints Dollars on a wide range of products and services (including spa days) through the Airpoints Store, or donate to charity.

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One of the many reasons the team at AIA felt that the purchase of Sovereign made sense was the commonality between the companies’ respective philosophies. AIA‘s overarching goal is to ‘do the right thing, in the right way, with the right people — and the right results will come.’ That philosophy drives everything the company does, and is evident in both companies’ approach to rehabilitation and return to work support. Working closely with customers and trusted treatment providers, AIA and Sovereign case managers develop an outcome-focused and optimum rehabilitation strategy for each claim. The goal is to get customers back to their ‘normal,’ by helping customers achieve the highest possible level of readiness for a return to work, independence, and quality of life.

Together, AIA and Sovereign are entirely focussed on working with our partners to help New Zealanders live healthier, longer, better lives. By leveraging our combined strength, and innovative solutions like AIA Vitality, we are excited and proud to have been able to start that work already. Over the next few months expect even greater things to come. Going forward we will also be operating under the AIA brand which will be rolled out and completed in 2019.

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