Subject to receiving the necessary regulatory approvals in New Zealand and the legal and regulatory approvals in Bermuda, all New Zealand policyholders of AIA International will become AIA New Zealand policyholders.

This means AIA New Zealand will become the insurer of your policy. The existing terms and conditions of your AIA policy will remain unchanged (including any approved claims you currently have during and following the legal and regulatory application process for the Portfolio Transfer), and will be automatically transferred to AIA New Zealand when the Portfolio Transfer is completed (which is expected to be on 1 January 2020).

Objections and Feedback

As a policyholder, you have the right to provide your feedback or to object to the proposed Portfolio Transfer. You can do this by:

Phone us: 0800 544 567 (Monday to Friday between 8:30am and 5:00pm. Public holidays excepted.)
Or email us:
Or contact us online Fill in our online feedback form

Any policyholder that specifically wishes to object to the Portfolio Transfer may do so and should ensure this is communicated to us at least three (3) clear days prior to the court hearing in Bermuda. Any objections we collect will be presented to the Court for their review and consideration at the hearing on Thursday 14 November 2019, Bermuda time. We will also pass all objections and feedback to the Reserve Bank of New Zealand for their consideration when approving the Portfolio Transfer.

Key Dates

Events Key Dates
Deadline for providing feedback and objections on the Portfolio Transfer  Friday 8 November 2019
Date of Court hearing in Bermuda to approve the Portfolio Transfer

Thursday 14 November 2019 in Bermuda

(Friday 15 November 2019 in New Zealand)

We remain committed to providing quality and affordable protection for you and your family.

Thank you for choosing AIA. We look forward to your continued support and trust as an AIA New Zealand policyholder.