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About AIA Thrive

AIA Thrive advisers help you take control of your life, health and wellbeing.​

Overall wellbeing starts when you plan well. Our network of AIA Thrive advisers are qualified experts who are available to share their specialist knowledge and advice to help you be better prepared for tomorrow.

We will help you plan well so you can live well.

  • Trusted Advice
    Trusted advice

    Every AIA Thrive adviser has the full backing of AIA, New Zealand’s largest life insurer. AIA has been a trusted insurer for New Zealanders since 1981. With AIA Thrive you have the reassurance of knowing your qualified adviser meets AIA’s professional standards and the industry code of conduct.

  • Free Advice
    The advice is free for you

    Making the wrong decision can be costly. That’s why it is smart to seek professional advice. AIA Thrive advisers provide you with obligation-free professional advice to make sure you get the best insurance cover for your insurance needs.

  • Claims

    We know making a claim is often a result of a difficult time in your life. It is the time you need us the most. AIA Thrive advisers will guide you every step of the way.

  • Enjoy rewards
    Enjoy the rewards

    We know that with the right plan and support, you can get more out of life and start thriving. With an eligible AIA insurance policy, you can sign up to AIA Vitality, our science-backed health and wellbeing programme, that supports you every day to make healthier lifestyle choices.

    Learn more about AIA Vitality

  • Ongoing support
    Ongoing support

    With AIA Thrive, your expert adviser not only provides advice throughout the application process, they remain available to support you on an ongoing basis. AIA Thrive advisers are here to support and guide you every step of the way.

  • Connect
    Connect your way

    Get in touch in-person, via video call or online. We will work with you in the contact method you prefer.

Other things you should know: All insurance applications are subject to individual consideration and acceptance is not guaranteed. Special conditions, exclusions and premium loadings may apply. 

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