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AIA Vitality Starter provides entry level access to AIA Vitality, our health and wellbeing programme that provides the guidance, tools and rewards to start thriving. With AIA Vitality Starter, you can better understand your health, be encouraged and inspired to make healthier lifestyle choices all while enjoying amazing discounts and rewards from leading brands like Apple, Les Mills, Snap Fitness, Jetts Fitness, New Balance and much more.

What is AIA Vitality Starter?

AIA Vitality Starter provides entry level access to our popular AIA Vitality programme. Membership is automatically included with all AIA Starter Plans. AIA Vitality is AIA’s science-backed health and wellbeing programme that helps you get more out of life by motivating you to take control of your health, life and wellbeing.

Getting ready to exercise

How does the programme work?

Know your health

Know your health

Knowing your health is the first step. As a member you can get access to free or discounted health assessments from the moment you engage with the programme.

Improve your health

Improve your health

When you know your health you can make small steps to improve it. Unlock discounts for fitness devices, sporting apparel and save on a Les Mills gym membership all to help you get and keep active.

Enjoy the rewards

Enjoy rewards

To motivate you every day – get instant access to great discounts or earn up to $260 per year in Active Rewards (that’s $5 per week) just by meeting your weekly physical activity targets. .

How do I get rewarded?

You can get rewarded from the moment you activate your AIA Vitality Starter membership.

Instant access

Get instant access

Get instant access to great discounts from sports apparel to a Les Mills gym membership, just by activating and logging into your app.

Earn weekly

Earn every week

Earn $5 Active Rewards each week you meet your physical activity target - thats up to $260 per year - or earn an Apple Watch Series 9 (GPS) in full.

Earn once a year

Earn every year

Earn a 10% cashback on the plan charges you paid over the previous year at every anniversary just by taking small steps to improve your health and wellbeing.
Find out more

Don’t have a compatible fitness device to track your activity with? With AIA Vitality Starter you can access up to 25% off Garmin and 30% off selected Samsung and Fitbit devices.

How do I get started?


Activate membership

It’s quick and easy to do

We’ll send you an email to activate and it will only take a few minutes. You’re then on your way!


Link your device

To start tracking your activity

To earn rewards link your compatible fitness device or app. Need a fitness device?


Enjoy rewards

Earn once you activate

Start enjoying the discounts and rewards as soon as you activate your membership. Learn more

For the best experience download the AIA Vitality app.


Partners and rewards

Some of the awesome benefits you can get access to when you join AIA Vitality Starter.


Join Les Mills for free and save up to 25% on a membership

(discount + cashback)

Apple Watch Series 9

Earn an Apple Watch Series 9 GPS,
41mm (RRP $749) in full

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