Get Apple Watch. Get Active. Get Rewarded.

As an AIA Vitality Starter member, you can opt into the Apple Watch Benefit. By being active and reaching your physical activity target each week for 24 months you can earn an Apple Watch Series 9 GPS, 41mm in full (RRP $749). The more physical activity targets you reach every month, the less your repayment.

How it works



Activate the Apple Watch Benefit in the AIA Vitality app and complete a credit check with etika



You'll get an Apple Store Gift Code to buy an Apple Watch Series 9 (GPS) online from the Apple Store



Once you get your Apple Watch Series 9 (GPS), link it to your AIA Vitality app



Achieve your weekly physical activity targets every month for 24 months to earn your Apple Watch Series 9 (GPS)

What are the targets?

The more physical activity targets you reach every month, the less your repayment.

You really can earn your Apple Watch just by being active.

Weekly physical activity target(s) you achieve each calendar month Your repayment to etika AIA Vitality will pay
0 $31* $0
1 $26 $5
2 $21 $10
3 $16 $15
4/5 $0 $31*

*The last (24th) monthly payment will be billed at $36, AIA Vitality will cover the full $36 in the last month if all physical activity targets are met.

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